Allganize launches the Alli LLM App Market: Domain-Specific LLM apps


Allganize launches 'Ali LLM App Builder' and 'Ali LLM App Market' that allow companies to develop customized automation tools using the desired LLM... Supports all deployment forms that companies want, such as SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid.

HOUSTON, TX Sept.5, 2023 -  Allganize, a leading AI provider,  has launched its Alli LLM App Market, offering a range of domain-specific LLM apps. The store features 100 specialized LLM apps designed for work automation across various sectors.

LLM All-in-One solution by AI revolutionizing the productivity of enterprises, Allganize (CEO Changsu Lee, has launched the Alli LLM (Large Language Model) App Market where you can select and automate workflows.

The Alli LLM App Market is not just a marketplace but a platform that empowers businesses to craft customized automation tools. With the launch of the Alli LLM App Builder, companies can now develop bespoke automation tools, leveraging the LLM of their choice. This innovation caters to diverse deployment preferences, including SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid models.

Diving deeper into the offerings, the App Store has segmented its solutions into categories such as legal, where apps can compare contracts, highlighting favorable or potentially harmful clauses. The customer support segment offers tools that generate automated response emails for specific clientele. Beyond these, the store is rich with apps designed to revolutionize everyday tasks, from email content summarization to document style adaptation in line with a company's branding.

Allganize's 'Alli LLM App Builder' stands out as a beacon of innovation, enabling businesses to effortlessly create tailored apps. This no-code platform ensures even those without a development background can craft automation scenarios within minutes. Furthermore, the builder offers a plethora of LLM choices, from renowned models like OpenAI's GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and Antrhopic’s Claude to company-specific models like Alli sLLM, all available in an on-premises format.

As a global frontrunner in AI, Allganize operates across the US, Korea, and Japan, serving over 200 enterprise clients. Their collaborations span across various industries, from global financial institutions to retail conglomerates, amassing a wealth of expertise in knowledge management and productivity innovation.

The Alli LLM App Market's versatility is evident in its categorization, encompassing general, legal, HR, customer support, productivity, and more. Businesses can either opt for pre-registered LLM apps or venture into creating their own using the no-code platform. The store's compatibility with diverse servers and databases, coupled with its support for all deployment forms, makes it a one-stop solution for businesses. A notable feature is the ease with which companies can craft productivity apps reflecting their internal terminologies when using the specialized sLLM with Allganize.

In a recent endeavor, Allganize leveraged the 'Alli LLM App Builder' to host the 'Alli LLM App Competition', encouraging the creation of workflow automation LLM apps. Winning entries are slated for future registration in the App Market.

Changsu Lee, CEO of Allganize, shared his vision, "In an age where smartphones offer a myriad of apps, AI should be no different. The LLM App Market is our answer to harnessing AI's 200% potential, fortifying business competitiveness and pioneering productivity." He added, "Our focus is now on expanding our domain-specific apps and forging partnerships to elevate our offerings."

About Allganize

Established in 2017, Allganize stands as a beacon in LLM solutions, driving corporate productivity through AI. Founded by Changsu Lee, the visionary behind FiveRocks, Allganize has consistently delivered unparalleled AI solutions. Their flagship service, Alli, exemplifies efficiency, offering immediate usability without pre-data processing. With a clientele spanning the US, Japan, and Korea, Allganize has secured investments worth 15M USD as of July 2022.

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