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We Improve The Lives of The World’s Workers Through The Power of AI
Our History & Company Profile
Allganize, founded in July 2017 by Changsu Lee, Kibin Shin, and Yasuo Sato, initially focused on offering AI solutions for natural language cognitive search, AI taskbot 'Alli,' and AI consulting. Offices in South Korea and Tokyo followed in 2018 and 2019.
July 2017
Established Allganized Inc. in Oakland, California.
May 2018
Allganize opens offices in Seoul, South Korea
August 2018
Allganize receives Seed Investment of $1.6 million USD.
January 2019
Allganize Inc. opens offices in Tokyo, Japan.
April 2019
Allganize received series A1 Invesments at $3.4 million USD.
February 2021
Allganize receives Series A2 Investments for $10 Million USD.
December 2021
Allganize moves headquarters to Tokyo, Japan
January 2023
Allganize begins preperation for IPO
November 2023
Allganize receives Series B Funding for $20 million USD.
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