Kickstart Your Company’s AI Integration With Allganize

Easily build and deploy AI-driven applications tailored to your domain with Alli LLM App Builder, offering a user-friendly interface and a wealth of resources.

Why Choose Allganize

Build Intuitively

Create powerful LLM enabled applications fast.
Start from scratch or use our templates to jumpstart your development
Choose the right LLM for the right task, seamlessly switch between large language models.
Test in minutes, no code required
A dashboard with an example workflow from the Alli App Builder.

Integrate Effortlessly

Seamless integration for existing systems and workflows.
Plug-and-play APIs, integrate existing knowledge bases into the app builder
Broad compatibility with leading platforms
Minimal setup, maximum integration

Data Security

Harness the power of your own data to drive insights and results
Secure storage in S3 buckets with advanced encryption
On-Premise hardware solutions for data sovereignty
Seamless integration, whether cloud or on-site

Alli does it all

Drag and drop your way into powerful LLM enabled apps

No code, no problem. Transform your ideas into fully-functional LLM-enabled applications effortlessly, enabling startups to innovate freely and swiftly.

Templates galore

Explore a diverse market of ready-to-use templates, providing a smooth and rapid launchpad from ideation to application.

Analytics that empower

Navigate with data. Our analytics dashboard illuminates user interactions and chatbot performance, guiding you towards strategic, insight-driven decisions.

Streamline Workflows with Smart Automation

Automate with intelligence. Create, implement, and refine external flows and skills, propelling your business into a realm of efficient, automated operations.

Seamless integrations

Blend technologies effortlessly. Leverage our wide array of prebuilt integrations or connect to nearly any API, ensuring your  application is as integrative as it is innovative.

What our customers are saying

“We were able to take our platform to the next level. Integrating Alli, we were able to deliver personalized and real-time game information to users across the globe.”

“By partnering with Allganize, we’ve transformed our work environment, empowering employees with self-service tools and reducing inquiry response times by an impressive 30%. This collaboration has been pivotal in boosting our overall efficiency.”

“Maintaining data privacy is paramount, and our collaboration with Allganize reflects this necessity. They appreciate the unique security challenges of the financial industry, ensuring our data remains secure and compliant while delivering their top-notch AI solutions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What LLM’s are available?

SaaS customers can choose any black box LLM (OpenAI, Google Bard, AzureAnthropic Claude 2) or an open source commercially approved LLM (LLama2, Falcon, Allganize Finance13B)

Can I integrate this with my knowledge base?

Yes, we offer OneDrive, HTML Documents, Google Drive, Confluence, SharePoint) as out of the box integrations, as well as the abliity to API call Google Calendar, Notion, Slack, Github, Jira, Gmail, Bitbucket, Calendly, Discord, Dropbox, Facebook, Gitlab, Greeenhouse, Hubspot, LinkedIn, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce Contacts, Stripe, Trello, Twitter

Can I use multiple LLMs?

You can utilize multiple LLM's in the App Builder to fulfill specific requests.

Can I fine-tune an LLM with domain-specific information?

Yes, fine-tuning a foundational model with domain specific information is possible for a fee.

Am I eligible for AWS Partnership Benefits?

Startup companies who have not previously accepted AWS Partnership Benefits will be eligible for the program.

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