Financial Services

Enables end-to-end automated workflows from customer banking to in-house support.

A financial services company face increasing demands to provide efficient, reliable and easy-to-use resources to their employees.

The financial service company faced a challenge of providing up-to-date financial regulations and financial product guides to their employees, particularly for  financial advisers. The company recognized that their current resources were not user-friendly, which resulted in many phone inquiries from employees to HR staff, reducing the efficiency of the HR department.

To address these challenges, the company decided to implement Alli, a conversational AI chatbot . Alli was trained to provide quick and easy access to financial regulations, financial product guides and manuals. The chatbot was also programmed to provide answers to common HR questions, such as benefits, paid time off, and employee policies.

Alli's implementation had numerous benefits for the financial services company. The chatbot enabled swift access to financial regulations, product guides, and manuals, lessening the HR department's workload. This led to better HR service quality and cost-effectiveness, as the chatbot handled a substantial volume of inquiries, minimizing the necessity for extra HR personnel.

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