Human Resources

Automate workflows from recruitment to training and development to employee support.

A HR department is the backbone of any organization, responsible for a wide range of tasks including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and employee management. However, accessing information related to these tasks can be cumbersome for employees, with multiple systems and processes to navigate through.

The company's HR system was inconvenient and time-consuming to access, especially from mobile devices. They needed a more accessible tool for employees to communicate with HR and access company information. The company wanted to implement a solution that would integrate with its internal communication tools such as Teams and Slacks to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

We introduced the chatbot “Alli” as an in-house tool for employees. Linked with the company's communication tools and personnel system, it is easy for employees to access and use conveniently. Chatbots can handle common HR inquiries such as benefits, vacation policies, and payroll, as well as allow employees to request vacations and update personal information via chatbots.

The Alli chatbot enhanced company's HR operations, providing fast and hassle-free answers to employee inquiries. It helped keeping up with changes in company policies and procedures, ensuring that employees receive accurate and correct information. It improved communication and employee satisfaction.

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