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Workflow Automation

Automate Your Human Resources
Join HR Directors In Using AI
To Transform Their Day-to-Day

Using the Alli Suite, our clients have been able to automate rote HR tasks and revolutionize the hiring process.

Satisfaction Rate Among HR Professionals
Time Reduction in Recruitment Processes
Automation rate across administrative tasks.
Candidate filtering
Use Case: Automating Candidate Shortlistingwith Candidate Analysis and Interview Assist

Streamline candidate screening with AI precision and enhance early-stage interviews with advanced natural language processing.

Time Savings

The HR team experienced a 35% reduction in time spent on recruitment processes.

Eliminate Unconscious Bias

AI algorithms can be designed to promote diversity by eliminating unconscious biases in the recruitment process.

Increased Efficiency

Our clients have seen a 50% increase in efficiency for interviewing and onboarding. With the Alli Suite, your new hires have a fast and efficient way to get to know the lay of the land.

Learning & Developement
Use Case:
Learning and Development

Allganize empowers you to create personalized learning paths, deliver engaging content, and track progress – all while minimizing the administrative burden

Personalized Learning
Achieve individual potential with tailored learning experiences, AI recommendations, and progress monitoring.
Engaging Content Delivery
Ignite learning passion through interactive, multimedia content, gamification, microlearning, and real-world scenarios.
Intuitive Administration
Maximize time & resources with simple program design, streamlined content management & delivery, and automated tracking & reporting.
World Class Security
Secure AI Applications
For Every Enterprise

We prioritize security and privacy for your company. Ensure safe connectivity with your databases, while maintaining stringent controls over data processing.

On Premise LLM
With on-premise solutions, organizations have direct control over their data and infrastructure.
SSO & Advanced Policy Management
SSO through Google or Azure AD, employ user policies to guarantee secure access for your organization.
SOC2/HIPAA Compliant
Allganize's Alli LLM Suite has been certified SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO27001 compliant. We strive to secure your data.
User Agent Profile Management
Manage your users and admins in the dashboard, ensuring safe deployment of generative models in your workspace.
Rate Limits
Avoid unexpected charges and limit users with rate limits.
PII Detection
Maintain full control of your data in your secure environment.