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Llama 2 vs PaLM 2: What Are the Key Differences and Capabilities?

Llama 2 vs PaLM 2: What Are the Key Differences and Capabilities?

Two of the most talked-about models in recent times are Meta AI's Llama 2 and Google's PaLM 2. But which one stands out? Let's dive in!


On July 18th, 2023, the tech world was set abuzz with Meta AI's release of their latest language model, Llama 2. This release came hot on the heels of Google's PaLM 2, which had been unveiled just two months earlier. The burning question on everyone's mind was: which of these two giants would come out on top?

Key Highlights

What is PaLM 2?

Google's I/O 2023 conference was the stage for the grand reveal of their latest and most expansive language model, PaLM 2. Representing Google's stake in the AI tech race, PaLM 2 has already found its way into various Google products, enhancing user experiences.

PaLM 2 Capabilities

From articles, stories, and poems to emails, blog posts, and even programming codes, the PaLM 2 language model showcases the pinnacle of advanced language model capabilities. With Google Bard AI, powered by PaLM 2, daily tasks like research, writing, and emailing become a breeze.

PaLM 2 Data Size

The vastness of PaLM 2's training data is evident in its 3.6 trillion tokens. To put that into perspective, every 4000 tokens equate to roughly 3500 words, translating to millions of words of data.

PaLM 2 Parameters

The more parameters a language model possesses, the better its output quality. PaLM 2, boasting over 340 billion parameters, is a testament to this, producing top-tier content on command.

What is Llama 2 by Meta AI?

July 2023 saw Meta AI's release of the Llama 2 language model. To access this model, users must first agree to Meta AI's terms and install it on their desktops.

Llama 2 Capabilities

Llama 2 is versatile, capable of generating a wide range of written content. However, its output quality doesn't quite match up to PaLM 2's standards.

Llama 2 Data Size

Llama 2's training data is a mix of publicly available online sources, with Meta AI ensuring no inclusion of private user information.

Llama 2 Parameters

Llama 2 offers three models: 7B, 13B, and 70B, with their respective parameters. However, in terms of parameters, PaLM 2 still holds the upper hand.

LLAMA 2 benchmark via Meta

PaLM 2 vs Llama 2

While Llama 2 promises safe output, PaLM 2 guarantees creativity and safety. So, what sets them apart?


Llama 2 stands out in safety, boasting the lowest violation output generation rate among all large language models. However, in terms of output quality, especially in mathematical, coding, and reasoning tasks, PaLM 2 is unparalleled.

Final Thoughts

After a thorough comparison, PaLM 2 emerges as the superior model in terms of output quality, accuracy, and performance.

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