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Recent insights from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) underscore a pivotal shift in the Finance sector: the instrumental role of Generative AI. As CFOs navigate the myriad of challenges in today's financial landscape, the potential for AI to revolutionize operations and forecasting is undeniable.

Since 2017, Allganize has partnered with financial powerhouses like KB Securities, Hyundai Card, and Japan's SMBC Financial Group, cementing our expertise in financial knowledge management. This led us to the launch of the finance-dedicated sLLM, Alli Finance LLM

Why Choose Alli Finance LLM?

Specialized for Finance: A lightweight, finance-centric sLLM. Trained management expertise with financial institution, wealth management, and insurance clients from the USA, Korea, and Japan since 2017.

High-Performance Base: Built on Meta's 'Llama 2' - the gold standard in open-source LLMs.

Efficient & Cost-Effective: Requires less data, time, and cost for training, ensuring rapid deployment for specific financial AI services.

Model Versatility: Select between '13B' for streamlined tasks or '70B' for detailed projects, fitting every budget and complexity level.

API Integrations: Easily sync with your data workflows and tools. We're cloud-neutral and enterprise-tested.

Secured Environment: At Allganize, we provide transparency on the LLMs we offer and work closely with our customers to ensure we are meeting their security and privacy requirements. We ensure data safety with on-premises hosting for enterprises.

What sets us apart?

At Allganize, we're not just observers – we're pioneers, shaping the way businesses harness AI's potential. Our on-premise deployment option ensures that your data remains in your control, addressing key security concerns. With Allganize, you're not just getting an AI full stack service, you're partnering with a team with over 20 years of experience at the forefront of AI innovation, facilitation enterprise-level AI transformations. We are committed to ensuring that your AI journey is both powerful and responsible.

Step into the Future of Financial Decision-Making.