Public Sector

Enables end-to-end automated workflows from customer service and operation staff.



A city municipality was looking for a innovative tool to better serve citizens, provide accessibility and increase efficiency across departments. During the Covid-19 epidemic they faced with the grappling challenge of keeping up with the new and up-to-date information, which was constantly being updated.  


The influx of inquiries from citizens regarding COVID-19 was overwhelming, and the sector was finding it difficult to keep up with the new and up-to-date information. They were struggling to respond to the increasing number of calls, emails, and chats from citizens seeking information and guidance.


The city introduced Alli, a conversational AI chatbot, to reduce calls and empower citizens.


Alli was introduced a conversational AI chatbot, to reduce inbound calls and empower citizens. Alli has been programmed to address common COVID-19 concerns, including symptoms, testing, prevention, and treatment, and keep citizens informed of the latest government guidelines, rules, and regulations.

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