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Case Study: Nomura Securities adopted AI chatbot Alli as a customer support tool for the new mobile app “Follow Up.”

Case Study: Nomura Securities adopted AI chatbot Alli as a customer support tool for the new mobile app “Follow Up.”

Allganize's AI chatbot "Alli" has been adopted for customer support off Nomura Securities' new mobile application for customers.

Introduction background

Allganize’s AI chatbot “Alli” has been adopted for customer support of the asset information message app “Follow UP” operated by Nomura Securities co., Ltd.

At Nomura Securities Corporation, providing both an adequate solution for a better customer experience and service in remote channels is a top priority. To resolve questions and provide quality customer service anytime, anywhere without having to visit a contact center or wait for an agent's response, the company introduced an AI chatbot that responds with high accuracy.

The Adoption of Alli

Nomura Securities Corporation currently uses Alli for its asset management app, Onestock. After the actual implementation, we saw the excellent performance and cost-effectiveness of Alli, so we decided to adopt it for customer support of the new service "Follow up" without hesitation.

Saw significant improvement in the following areas:

-Customers resolve their own questions with highly accurate answers

-Less amount of resources to manage inquiries and operate FAQs

-Usage and responses status based on Alli's analysis feature, resulted in reduced resources spent on analyzing scenarios and improving guidelines

-Streamlined FAQ and app improvement review process

Comments from Nomura Securities Co., Ltd

Nomura Securities' Digital & Company Division strives to offer financial services that merge the ease of remote applications with the benefits of in-person interaction, achieved by directly communicating with customers through face-to-face services and enhancing customer engagement in the digital sphere.

We are proud to announce the launch of three asset management apps, namely "Onestock," "FINTOS!," and "NOMURA," that offer a comprehensive view of customers' assets, investment information articles by analysts, and trading and asset management of domestic stocks. With the introduction of the "Follow UP" app, we have successfully completed our planned lineup of asset management app services (4Apps).

To stay ahead of the increasing demand for digital communication with customers, we have integrated AI chatbots that can automatically respond to customer inquiries in the "Onestock" and "Follow up" apps. We would like to utilizing AI chatbots as a communication tool for our asset management app service, we are also accumulating data on conversations within the chatbots and utilizing it for future actions.

Nomura Securities Corporation

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AI chatbot “Alli”

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