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Domain dedicated on-premise LLM models, LLM infrastructure, LLM App Builder and LLM App Market.

Enterprise-level AI Solutions

Build LLM Enabled Generative AI Applications for Your Domain

Crafting Intelligence: Your On-Premise, Customizable LLM Solution.

Alli App Builder

AI-Powered Business Automation

From concept to deployment: Alli App Builder simplifies the journey with intuitive developer tools and robust NLP capabilities.

Alli App Builder

Create custom applications with no code.

With Alli LLM App Builder, you can get create custom LLM Applications specific to your business needs.

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Alli Answer

Empowering Businesses with AI-Driven Insights

AI-powered GPT solution to understand natural language queries, provide accurate responses, and automation of employee and customer support.

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An animated gif depicting an exchange between a user and the Alli Answer tool. The user asks a technical question and Alli Answer gives insight and well as suggestions for more information.

Alli Capture

AI-Powered Data Capture for the Modern Enterprise

Automate your data entry from structure and unstructured document sources.

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An animated gif depicting a receipt being scanned by the Alli Capture tool. The information captured the displayed to the right of the receipt.

Private. Secure. Affordable

Enhanced Data Security

Govern the data utilized for training, ensuring optimal control, privacy and ethical usage of your large language model applications.


On-Premise Large Language Model

With on-premise solutions, organizations have direct control over their data and infrastructure.


PII Detection.
ISO/IEC27001 Certified.

Maintain full control of your data in your secure environment. Avoid unexpected charges and limit users with rate limits.

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“By partnering with Allganize, we've transformed our work environment, empowering employees with self-service tools and reducing inquiry response times by an impressive 30%. This collaboration has been pivotal in boosting our overall efficiency.”
- Glico

“We were able to take our platform to the next level. Integrating Alli, we were able to deliver personalized and real-time game information to users across the globe.”

“Unlike previous bot tools we used, Allganize's AI-powered knowledge base truly delivers on its promise. With its help, we've been able to resolve 58% of IT issues in under a minute. It’s Al that really works.”
- Mitsubishi Chemical Group

“Maintaining data privacy is paramount, and our collaboration with Allganize reflects this necessity. They appreciate the unique security challenges of the financial industry, ensuring our data remains secure and compliant while delivering their top-notch AI solutions.”
- Nomura Securities

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