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Allganize Lunch and Learn Event: Empowering Oil & Gas Industry with Generative AI

Allganize Lunch and Learn Event: Empowering Oil & Gas Industry with Generative AI

Allganize organized a Lunch and Learn event focused on Generative AI and ChatGPT for Oil & Gas.

Allganize, a leading provider of AI solutions, recently hosted a captivating Lunch and Learn event that shed light on the potential of generative AI and chatbots in the Oil & Gas industry. The Generative AI X ChatGPT for Oil & Gas event took place on Tuesday, June 20th, at the Table 42 venue, located at Industrious building in Houston, Texas. It brought together decision-makers, executives, and technology leaders from the industry. In a dynamic industry like Oil & Gas, staying at the forefront of technological advancements is crucial for growth and success. That's why industry professionals eagerly gathered for an insightful panel discussion on Generative AI (GAI) and its impact on the Oil and Gas sector. It provided a platform for experts to share their knowledge and engage in thought-provoking conversations.


Changsu Lee, Founder and CEO of Allganize speaking at the Generative AI x ChatGPT for Oil and Gas Lunch and Learn

Changsu Lee, a renowned expert in generative AI, kicked off the series of presentations. With his engaging style, he captivated the audience by providing a comprehensive introduction to generative AI. He emphasized the potential to automate repetitive tasks, optimize operations, and enhance the overall efficiency it can provide. He also addressed security concerns where he provided valuable insights about on-prem large language models, garnering great interest from the audience. With LLM ops, it offers enterprises the opportunity for building custom LLM applications on-prem, eliminating external dependencies on cloud-based  services or third-party providers. With an on-prem LLM, you have complete control over your data. 

Reishin Toolsi, Energy Subject Matter Expert at Databricks

Reishin Toolsi, a Solution Architect and Energy subject matter expert at Databricks, addressed the potential challenges of adopting these technologies. Reishin's expertise provided attendees with valuable insights into navigating obstacles for the energy ecosystems and ensuring successful implementation. His expertise helped the audience navigate the complexities and understand the best practices for successful adoption. Additionally, he addressed the question of how to manage bias and hallucinations by training the model.

Gabriel Perez, Sr. PMP Engineer at Geostock

The event’s final speaker, Gabriel Perez, a seasoned drilling project manager engineer at Geostock, took the stage next. Drawing from his own experiences, Gabriel presented real-world use cases of generative AI in action. He showcased how these technologies significantly streamlined complex processes, improved decision-making, and increased productivity. Gabriel painted a picture of how important it is for him to continue growing and learn to integrate generative AI into his workflow. He encouraged others to do the same.

The Lunch and Learn event not only provided a platform for expert speakers to share their knowledge but also facilitated engaging discussions and networking opportunities among attendees.

Allganize's commitment to empowering decision-makers in the Oil & Gas industry was evident throughout the event. The Lunch and Learn event served as a catalyst for embracing innovation and driving industry-wide transformation. At Allganize, we take immense pride in our role as frontrunners in this transformation, continuously innovating and delivering cutting-edge solutions that effectively address the evolving needs of our valued customers.

The event served as a stepping stone for organizations within the Oil & Gas industry to explore new horizons and embrace the power of AI-driven solutions. To stay updated on future events follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.

Whether you have questions about implementation, or integration, or want to explore how our solutions can optimize your operations, contact our team of experts for consultancy. 

You can watch the video recording of the event and access the presentation deck by clicking on the following links: video and presentation deck